We have designed strategic marketing plans for virtually all of our clients; see the list here. These plans range from 30-50 pages and always cover: firm philosophy and values, market position, press and publicity opportunities, marketing tools, and social media. We also research and advise on book concepts and feasibility.  We build budgets. We study your competition. We design these plans to apply to your business activities from one to five years.


People hire people. Your relationships and your network are a currency that can't be underestimated. Once we understand your firm and its opportunities, we make strategic introductions and provide you with copy and content to share with these new contacts. 


All firms go through pivotal times of transition, and we devise communication plans to facilitate successful periods of change and growth. As one example, Mary Foley and Michael Cox of foley+cox hired us to create a communications plan for their change of ownership due to Mary's retirement. We crafted a plan and timeline, advised on the creation of an executive team, drafted communication campaigns, and oversaw the creation of a database to deliver an integrated message to the firm’s stakeholders.