As a design creative, you often need an outside perspective with insider intel. With over two decades of advising entrepreneurs and brands, we thoughtfully focus your ideas, partner with you to define your unique value, and provide our results-driven strategic process to build a roadmap of steps to achieve your goals. We call this marketing intelligence, and it works.

Our core areas of expertise include:


  • Brand Strategy

  • Analysis & Insight

  • Creative Direction

  • Web Design Management

  • Content & Collateral Development

  • Event Design & Production

Business Development

  • Market Research & Surveys

  • Database Creation & "Intel"

  • Relational Marketing

  • Book Concept & Targeted Promotion Strategy

  • Strategic Retreat Facilitation

Press / Media Outreach

  • Facilitate Publications

  • Editorial, Media & Blogger Relationships

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Partnership Strategy

we are your marketing partner

Great partnerships require great chemistry. Here are a few top signs that we are a marketing match made in heaven:

You understand that results take time

Marketing strategy is based on thoughtful analysis, and this takes time to tailor to your particular business and needs. The myth of instant, overnight results is truly a myth

You are open to new ideas and eager to collaborate

In our experience, the clients who are the happiest with their marketing and PR results are the ones who are most open to giving and receiving new ideas, and then acting on them

You are willing to invest time and capital in growing your business

Ours is a relationship that requires commitment on both sides, and our clients are ready to dedicate their resources toward growth

You are responsive and will make time to provide thought leadership

We will generate lots of ideas and opportunities on your behalf, and your active enagagement will speed up both the process and the results

You understand that marketing doesn't equate immediate sales

Increased revenue is a primary goal of both press and business development, but this is a relational rather than linear process

Your growth motivation is not being "famous"

All of our clients are high-level creative leaders with incredibly unique work. Our focus is to bring attention to what makes you and your services unique

You are good with long-term commitments

Our engagements are typically a minimum 6-month commitment, based on our experience of what it actually takes to create and implement a marketing and PR strategy

You are willing to make strategic Big Bold Moves

Change involves risk, and certain situations call for what we call BBMs: Big Bold Moves. If you are open to innovative ideas and ready to grow to the next level, give us a call!